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Jan. 21st, 2014

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[sticky post] Welcome Whovians!

Greetings and Felicitations, Who Fans!

If you're a fan of The Sixth Doctor as portrayed by the wonderful Colin Baker and his companions (Peri, Mel, Frobisher, Grant, Evelyn, Charley, Flip), this is the place for you!

I started this community so fans like me could openly express our appreciation of Six, his companions, enemies, stories (television, comics, books, audio) thru discussions, fanfiction, fan art, reviews, etc.

I know this won't nearly be as popular or prolific as other communities dedicated to New Who (Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh...) but it doesn't matter. The purpose of this community is to HAVE FUN. I'd love for this to be like an internet fanzine dedicated to the Sixth Doctor.

I'd like to keep this place family friendly but if you want to post adult fanfiction, please use the appropriate warnings and ratings.

If you have any questions or comments for me, ideas on how to make this community thrive, anything on your mind, don't hesitate to contact me.

-Mrs. Columbo

Apr. 13th, 2014

Sixth Doctor, Six/Peri, Doctor Who, Peri


Doctor Who-The Lost Stories 1.1 The Nightmare Fair (No Spoilers)

At the end of season 22's Revelation of the Daleks, the episode would've left off with the Doctor telling Peri he would be taking her to Blackpool, which would then be picked up at the start of the next season's premiere story, The Nightmare Fair.  Very shortly before production on season 23 was to begin, the BBC announced that Doctor Who would be packed in mothballs for eighteen months.  With the announcement of the show's extended hiatus, the aired episode of Revelation ended on a freeze frame before the Doctor could tell Peri they'd be going to Blackpool.


With Doctor Who put on hiatus in 1985, the stories about to go into production for season 23 were all scrapped in favor of a season-long arc of the Doctor being put on trial by the High Council of Time Lords and newly commissioned stories rounding out the season.  Of the "missing stories" that were scheduled for the lost season 23, The Nightmare Fair by Graham Williams, The Ultimate Evil by Wally K. Daly and Mission To Magnus by Philip Martin were later novelized by their respective authors for Target publishing after Doctor Who was cancelled in 1989.
For his novel, Graham Williams dropped the ending of Revelation entirely so that the TARDIS would be drawn to Blackpool instead of the Doctor and Peri going there on purpose.

Nightmare_Fair novelUltimate Evil novel_180x295
                       Mission To Magnus novel_180x300

The Nightmare Fair would've seen the return of Michael Gough as The Celestial Toymaker, twenty years after the character had first appeared in Doctor Who as a nemesis for William Hartnell's First Doctor and the Doctor's companions Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet.  Unfortunately of the four part Hartnell story, only the last episode survives in its entirety but the whole story was later written into a novelization from Target books in 1986 and the complete audio made available from the BBC Radio Collection in 2001.

Celestial Toymaker_244x400


The Toymaker would return, albeit in a 5th Doctor PDA from BBC books in 1999 called Divided Loyalties, which ends with the Toymaker telling his servant Stefan, "I'll take you to Blackpool", effectively taking the original end of Revelation of the Daleks and setting up The Nightmare Fair.

Initially, Big Finish insisted that they were committed to producing original Doctor Who audio dramas and had no interest in pursuing any "lost" scripts commissioned by the BBC.  With the go-ahead from Big Finish, a fan-produced dramatic reading of The Nightmare Fair's script, without the original cast and not identifying it as a Doctor Who story, was released in May 2003 with the profits going to the charity Sense-National Deafblind and Rubella Association.


In 2009, Big Finish reversed their decision and announced they would be producing a season of eight stories of BBC commissioned scripts for Doctor Who's 23rd season, including The Nightmare Fair and Mission To Magnus.  Big Finish was interested in producing The Ultimate Evil but could not reach an agreement with author Wally K. Daly.  With certain scripts and authors unavailable, Big Finish would dip into the well of unproduced season 22 scripts to finish out the first season of lost stories.  They would later extend "the lost stories" to unproduced scripts intended for other Doctors, with varying degrees of success.


At the same time the audio version of The Nightmare Fair was going into production, Big Finish was also producing a 7th Doctor story where the Doctor and companions Ace and Hex battle the unseen Toymaker in The Magic Mousetrap.

The role of the Toymaker had to be recast for The Nightmare Fair because Michael Gough was in his early 90s and in retirement.  David Bailie, who had played Dask in the 4th Doctor story Robots of Death, was cast as the new Toymaker.

The TARDIS has been drawn to Blackpool in the year 1985, where the Doctor intends to investigate a dangerous space/time vortex… while enjoying some local attractions along the way. But an old enemy is watching from his base deep within the amusement park, a timeless being who craves revenge.

The Celestial Toymaker has returned. The game is on. And, should he lose, the Doctor will pay the ultimate forfeit...


The Doctor and Peri are back to being the bickering couple of season 22 but to Big Finish's credit it's been toned down and the banter between the two is as great as ever (and Nicola's American accent is just about flawless now).  The way Colin and Nicola play the characters there's no doubt the two are good pals that genuinely like each other.  And listening to the two coming off the roller coaster together is worth the price of the audio by itself.

David Bailie brilliantly creates his own original interpretation of the Toymaker, retaining Michael Gough's coldness but adding a layer of sinister, child-like enthusiasm.  His exchanges with the 6th Doctor are so natural and nuanced that you can believe these are two old enemies meeting each other again.

As for the story itself...well, it's just not action-packed or even interesting.  The beginning and the end are very well done but the middle is kinda dull.  The meeting of the Doctor and the Toymaker is built up nicely, with the Doctor hearing the Toymaker calling out to him as the Toymaker watches on his monitor as the Doctor and Peri are going through the funfair.  But without the benefit of visuals or the printed page, the audio narrative loses steam when the Doctor and Peri are separated.  Peri's companion for most of the story is Kevin Stoney, played by Matthew Noble, looking for his brother who's gone missing at the fair.  Video arcades were all the rage in the 1980s and the story reflects the new, at the time, fascination with video games.  The Doctor's attempt to defeat the Toymaker once and for all through an arcade game, that we can only see in our imagination, benefits greatly from the vocal acting of Baker and Bailie as the Doctor exposes the Toymaker's grand scheme...and his mysterious origins.

There's also a few references to classic adventures such as The Talons of Weng-Chiang, The Leisure Hive and City of Death (co-written by Graham Williams, Douglas Adams and David Fisher), a delight for old school Who fans like myself.

The end of each disc features interviews with the cast and crew of this story, including Graham Williams's widow Jackie and their youngest son. The origins of the idea of "The Lost Stories" are talked about in addition to the process of bringing The Nightmare Fair to Big Finish and adapting the script to an audio medium. Colin and Nicola talk about having the rug pulled out from under them when Michael Grade put the show on hiatus in addition to concerns about how the Doctor and Peri are portrayed at this point in their relationship.  It could be seen as a step back from how Colin had developed the Doctor into a warmer, less abrasive character than the way he was on television and Peri's role in this story as being more reactive than proactive as developed by Nicola for her audio stories.  However, both express great enthusiasm and joy of being able to revisit a story they were both looking forward to filming in 1985.  The wife and son of Graham Williams are also gratified to see their loved one's story finally seeing the light of day as intended.

Overall as an audio, The Nightmare Fair is worth a listen.  The middle does drag on but the acting performances of all involved are entertaining enough to keep you interested.


Bailie as the Toymaker would later return in Big Finish's Companion Chronicles with Charley Pollard telling the story of her meeting with the Toymaker while in the company of the 8th Doctor.

Links to purchase: Doctor Who The Lost Stories 1.1 The Nightmare Fair Doctor Who The Missing Stories The Nightmare Fair Target Novel Doctor Who 120. The Magic Mousetrap Doctor Who The Companion Chronicles 4.12 Solitaire Doctor Who The Celestial Toymaker Target Novel Doctor Who The Celestial Toymaker CD or Audible Download Doctor Who Divided Loyalties BBC Books

Mar. 31st, 2014

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Sixth Doctor Mugs for Home and Travel

Recently I purchased 50th Anniversary ceramic coffee mugs of the Sixth and Seventh Doctors via the BBC America Doctor Who Shop.  Each Doctor mug has a Doctor silhouette with images of the Doctor, his companion(s) and enemies.  The Sixth Doctor mug is very nice-looking!  If you sign up for the BBC Doctor Who Shop e-mails you can get vouchers for Free Shipping, $10 Off a $50 purchase and more by filling out short surveys.


ThinkGeek also has DW Anniversary Travel Mugs at a very nice discount so pick 'em up while they're still available!  They still use the silhouette design but with slight modifications.  The Sixth Doctor travel mug includes The Valeyard and The Inquisitor.


Also available are ceramic mugs in the shape of each Doctor's head.  The sculptures are a bit dodgy-looking but at the price it is now, if you're a collector it isn't a bad deal.

If you know of any other Sixth Doctor products for sale, be sure to post a picture and a short review. 
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RIP Kate O'Mara (1939-2014)

KATE O'MARA_400x330

Very sad to hear about the passing of the great Kate O'Mara on March 30.  Best known in the United States for her role as Joan Collins's sister on Dynasty but to fans of Doctor Who she'll always be the Doctor's amoral contemporary "The Rani", the renegade Time Lady...appearing in only two stories for the program ("Mark of the Rani" with the Sixth Doctor and The Master and "Time and the Rani", Sylvester McCoy's inaugural episode as the Seventh Doctor).  Despite only two appearances, Kate as The Rani left a strong, lasting impression in Doctor Who history.  She later reprised The Rani for the Children in Need 1993 Doctor Who special "Dimensions in Time" and later for the BBV audio adventure "The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind."

Nicola, Colin and Kate together again to record the audio commentary for the DVD of "Mark of the Rani"

Years before her guest appearances on Doctor Who, she appeared on The Brothers as the business rival of Colin Baker's character.  They also appeared in the same episode of The Adventures of Don Quick (presumably lost) where Colin is given the task of saying that immortal line, "We are revolting."


Kate was also very memorable in Hammer Horror films such as The Vampire Lovers and The Horror of Frankenstein.

Vampire Lovers publicity_312x400

With a distinguished acting career spanning almost 50 years, Kate O'Mara still had a great affection for The Rani and was ready to reprise her role in the new DW series if she was called upon.

Rest well, Miss O'Mara. 

Mar. 28th, 2014

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Hello Sixies!

I apologize for the lack of updates recently (real life, other hobbies and all that stuff that gets in the way) but I've been listening to a bunch of Big Finish audios, the vast majority of which have been amazingly awesome, and plan to do some reviews on each.  I've also been reading a lot of various Doctor Who novels and I highly recommend any of the reprinted 50th Anniversary stories ("Eleven classic adventures.  Eleven brilliant writers.  One incredible Doctor.") and the brand new "Monster Collection" reprints, but dammit those book covers could've been better.  Hopefully with all the resurgence and popularity, BBC Books will reprint some of the more obscure out of print titles from the Virgin Publishing Missing Adventures line and the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series.

Meanwhile, feel free to post and share anything Six-related (fanfiction, reviews, opinions, art, etc).  If you have any questions or comments for me, send 'em on.

And be sure to share this page with other Six fans and spread the word.  Thank you all so much! 

Mar. 7th, 2014

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Babelcolour Tribute Fanvid

Babelcolour has created many wonderful Doctor Who fanvids.  This is no exception.  Enjoy! 

Feb. 24th, 2014

Sixth Doctor, Six/Peri, Doctor Who, Peri


All That Matters is The Game..."Players" Review (NO SPOILERS)

Players is a PDA (Past Doctor Adventure) from BBC books published in 1999. The author is Terrance Dicks, one of Doctor Who's most prolific writers in both television and novel-form. After reading this particular novel, I sincerely wished he had written a television story for the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Original BBC books 1999 Cover
Original 1999 BBC Books Cover

This very well could've been a First Doctor story because the main component is World History, specifically how vitally important Winston Churchill figures into the grand scheme of Earth's history.  I have a keen interest in history and Winston Churchill in particular, yet I learned new things about the man whose very existence prevented the evil Nazis from conquering the world (a frightening thought, it would've been easier than you think).  Terrance Dicks clearly admires Winston Churchill and shows it with the great care he's taken in writing him with the force of personality, humor, humility and ego that by all accounts is true to the real life historical Churchill.

The Doctor meets Churchill at pivotal points in his life (The Boer War in 1899, The Great War in 1915 and the King Edward VIII abdication crisis in 1936).  In each of the three points in time The Doctor meets him, an enigmatic ageless pair, known as "The Count" and "The Countess", are also on hand, along with an unnamed ageless assassin.  The background and motives of the three are unknown but wherever Churchill meets them, he is in danger of losing his life.

Churchill Boer War
Winston Churchill as the 6th Doctor
and Peri would've seen him during
The Boer War.

The care that Dicks has taken with Churchill is also extended to the 6th Doctor and Peri.  This novel would be placed some time after Vengeance On Varos but before The Two Doctors.  At this point they are still the bickering couple of their early adventures but the friendship and deep caring for one another is apparent throughout the story.  Peri is not the helpless damsel she unfortunately became identified with on television.  The Peri of this story is funny, observational, helpful and brave.  And The Doctor is undoubtedly the 6th Doctor in all his Sixiness glory(alien but also dignified, perceptive, intelligent, witty, heroic and caring).  Dicks also helps The Doctor shed his multicolor coat and puts him in clothes of a wealthy gentleman in each time period.  Even Peri is impressed with his change in wardrobe and how it improves his image, in her eyes.  There are great moments of The Doctor and Peri, masquerading as a pair of wealthy heirs, hobnobbing with members of high society.

As for The Players themselves, they are a mystery throughout the novel.  We never learn where they come from or what they are (human or alien).  All they care about is "the game".  To them, everyone is either a Piece or a Player.  An excellent bit of foreshadowing is included towards the end of the novel when The Countess attempts to recruit The Doctor.

There's plenty of Who-dom continuity to please fans of Classic Who on television and readers of the New Adventures book series (Dicks brings back the Chicago private investigator, Dekker, first introduced in the novel Blood Harvest). Dicks also brings back the 2nd Doctor when the 6th shows Peri (via that headband/viewscreen thingie from The Wheel in Space) the time before his forced regeneration and Earthly exile when he was recruited by the Celestial Intervention Agency (the much speculated on "Season 6B") and encounters Churchill during The Great War, along with the 2nd Doctor's two old friends from The War Games (with no memory of him, of course).  But even if you're new to the Classic Who era, don't let that deter you from reading and enjoying.  The continuity is merely icing on the cake.

There's so many surprises, dramatic and humorous moments throughout but you'll have to read the book to see them all.

Final Thoughts: This is a MUST READ for any fan of the 6th Doctor. I remember Colin Baker stating on the DVD for The Mark of The Rani that he would've liked to have done more historical stories.  I strongly feel if Colin and Nicola Bryant had been fortunate enough to do this story or even this caliber of story on television, the 6th Doctor's era may have been looked upon differently and more favorably with fans in general.  And if you're interested in History and Winston Churchill, it's even more of a hearty recommend.

The novel was reprinted by BBC books in 2013 as part of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary celebration (the best story of each of the 11 Doctors) with a brand new cover, new back-of-the-book summary and new introduction by Terrance Dicks. It's available to purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and just about any book retailer.

2013 BBC Books Reissue Cover
2013 BBC Books 50th Anniversary Reissue Cover

Have you read the book?  What are your thoughts on it? Like it? Not like it? Think the characters were well-written? Feel free to share your opinions on this novel in the comments section and if you have your own review of this novel or any other 6th Doctor novels, by all means post them here.

Feb. 17th, 2014

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Shameless Plug Time: Earth Station Who Episode #61: Resurrection of The Daleks

A couple weeks ago I was humbled to be invited as a guest on the wonderful EARTH STATION WHO podcast to discuss the Fifth Doctor story "Resurrection of The Daleks". In my introduction, I do mention my unconditional love for Ol' Sixy. The podcast was an absolute blast to do because I had three awesome guys to chat Who with (Mike Faber, Mike Gordon and The Phantom Troublemaker).

And do check out other episodes of the ESW podcast and also other podcasts part of the EARTH STATION ONE network. If you're a fan of Doctor Who (why else would you be here?) and other fandoms and media, I highly recommend it.
Sixth Doctor, Six/Peri, Doctor Who, Peri


Six/Peri Vignette: Survivor's Guilt

I posted this story over at Whofic (my username is DarkCollins).

Survivor's Guilt

Rating: All Ages Appropriate

Summary: Peri blames herself for the Doctor's regeneration and the guilt has finally gotten to her. The Doctor helps her to let go of it.

A/N: I've always wondered about the circumstances that drew The Doctor and Peri closer together, as their relationship between "Revelation of The Daleks" and "Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet" is noticeably friendlier and closer (thank goodness). Inspired in part by the Doctor and Peri's conflict in the Missing Adventures novel "Burning Heart". Any feedback (positive or constructive) is more than welcome. Thank you!

It was my fault. My fault that the Doctor died. That he had to regenerate into what he is now. If I hadn’t wandered off…if I hadn’t fallen into the spectrox nest…

Perpugilliam Brown sobbed into her pillow. The guilt that had been building up in her for these many months traveling with the Doctor was finally emerging from her subconscious. I killed him…my fault…all my fault…

The Doctor walked past Peri’s room and heard the sounds of her sobs. He put his ear to the door and knocked.

“Go away!”

He opened the door anyway. Peri looked up at him, her face streaked with fresh tears. She was about to yell at him for entering when she told him not to but his expression of concern stopped her.


“I’m sorry, Doctor!”

“For what? Breaking my watch on Nekros?” He became annoyed. “Oh Peri, don’t be so puerile.”

“No! Not that. I’m sorry…for killing you.”

“Killing me?! Killing me?!” The Doctor finally entered her room completely and closed the door; despite there was only two of them in The TARDIS.

“It’s my fault you had to regenerate. If I hadn’t wandered away from you and fallen into the spectrox nest, you’d still be the you I met on Lanzarote and…”

Peri collapsed on her bed again, crying even harder than before. She was so fond of the young man she met who called himself “the Doctor.” He was so sweet and likable; the father figure she wished she’d had in her life.

But when he regenerated, she hated him. She hated his face, his voice, his body, his personality, his clothes…she hated him for changing. But she hated herself even more for making it happen. In one part of her mind she attempted to hide her guilt, resulting in lashing out at him when she could’ve been more understanding. Then the other portion of her mind kept asking: If you hate him so much why do you stay with him? He’s offered to take you home several times but you prevented him from doing so.

The Doctor went to Peri and gathered her in his arms as she sobbed into the lapels of his garish coat.

“It’s still me, Peri,” he whispered soothingly. “I’m the same person you met on Lanzarote. I’m the same person you ran to for protection from Sharaz Jek. I’m the same person who went to the deepest caves of Androzani Minor to obtain the milk of the Queen Bat to save you.”

It was so strange hearing this Doctor talking about incidents involving his previous incarnation. They were two sides of the exact same coin.

“I never even thanked you.”

“Thanked *me*? For what?”

Is he for real?

“Dying for me. You died for me…and I never thanked you. I was so horrible to you. I’m sorry, Doctor. Please forgive me.”

He tipped her face up so he could look into her eyes as he wiped away her tears with his thumbs. Those eyes that once stared daggers into her before attempting to strangle her on the floor of the console room now penetrated into hers with only compassion.

“Oh Peri, my precious Peri. There’s nothing to forgive. Let go of your guilt. Let it go…it doesn’t belong with you in the first place. You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.” He held her firmly but gently and stroked her hair with his left hand. “In fact, if there’s anyone to blame it’s *me*. Uncoordinated fool that I was I dropped the bat’s milk in the sand. When that happened there was no alternative, I knew exactly what I must do.” She couldn’t help but wrap her arms around him and cry harder. “Peri, don’t ever think I regret giving up one of my lives for you, because I would do it again. If I had to regenerate twice, three times or more to save your life, I would do it, and never a moment’s hesitation.”

The Doctor held Peri to his chest. She could feel his twin hearts beating against her ear. His normally booming, dramatic voice now speaking softly, the warmth and strength of his embrace in addition to the rhythmic beating of his hearts calmed her as the guilt weighing upon her like an anvil was finally lifted.

His physical appearance and personality may be different but he was still the Doctor, and she had gravely misjudged him.

“I don’t want us to fight again, Doctor. Or at least not let our disagreements get the better of us.”

“No more fights,” he proclaimed. “Only, as you would say, ‘a bit of good natured ribbing’?” He accentuated his last point by poking the tip of her nose playfully.

Peri let out a laugh and sniffled, her tears had already stopped.

The Doctor kissed her forehead and they hugged each other tightly; a silent declaration between them.

I love you, Doctor.
I love you, Peri.

Feb. 12th, 2014

DW: 8/Cass



Hello! I've recently gotten into watching 6's series (and I wish I would had done it when I MET Colin last year. He was lovely anyways but I want to meet him again and just hug him.)

Over on my tumblr I posted a fic meme where people could submit a couple and a number related to a prompt. I will share the two I've done so far and I have 3 more to do. And I made a graphic, so enjoy :D

Doctor 6 and Peri #14
prompt by: anonabsolxwolf

14. Smile

They had been separated all day, not by choice, and she was ready for everything to be over. Peri Brown was exhausted, bloody and grimy. She imagined she looked like she was fresh from the battlefield and essentially she was. Though it did reconfirm that she would never be a soldier that was for sure.

"Peri!" his voice boomed through the crowd and she caught his eye. He smiled and she felt everything bad about the day melt away. Even from here she felt safe, felt like she was home.

Weaving through the crowd, she threw herself into his arms. His arms locked around her, it was a bit tight but she didn’t care. She needed to know, needed to feel that he had missed her that much.

"Doctor," she warbled in his ear, voice coming out more watery than she wanted.

He pulled away, holding her face in his hands. “There, there, dear. Give us a smile,” he crooned at her.

She gave him the best smile she could muster, which wasn’t much, but he took it. “Can we go now?”

"Of course," he promised, "Let’s get you cleaned up and get some rest."

Never had he said such a wonderful thing to her. He kept his arm around her as he steered her into the TARDIS, giving her the strength to make it inside.

Doc 6/Peri: 35
prompted by: anonabsolxwolf

35.Hold My Hand

"Peri, hold my hand."

The neon clad girl’s eyebrows shot up her forehead. “Why?” She was genuinely perplexed, but she still held out her hand to him to take.

His large hand slid into hers, he tugged her a little closer. “I need you to stay close, I don’t want to lose you, not here.”

"But anywhere else is ok," she grinned up at him, batting her eyes at him to bait him into one of their standard, playful tiffs.

To her surprise he didn’t crack a smile and didn’t snark back like he usually did. “No, it’s unacceptable to keep losing you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t fail you so often.”

"You don’t fail me," she insisted, as she paused her stride, she wrapped her arms around him. "Everything happens for a reason right?"

He didn’t answer her, instead he just held her tight. “Just don’t let go of my hand,” he whispered.

"Yes, Doctor." she promised.

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